Who is the video analyst Tactic (Match analyst)

The Video Tactical Analyst is a trainer with remarkable tactical skills and computer skills that are appropriate for working with PCs and computer software useful for video or video of a team or game. Depending on the category, the video analyst can be an integral part of the technical staff, and “live” the week with the team or it can be an outsider, exclusively supporting the technical staff.

What is the Match Analysis?

In modern football the care of details regarding any aspect of the performance of a team or individual players has become essential elements for the coach or a staff who wants to prepare their team best. Match Analysis is a process used to detect the actions performed during the game, focusing attention on both their own team and their opponents or even the single player. Actions are then selected by detecting events related to the various game phases during the match, and related.

What is the Tactical Analyst (Match analyst)

The strategies and tasks that the video analyst can play on will be established and will always be coordinated according to the goals set by the technical staff and are:

Team study

Video tactical analysis of the next opponent

Match study

Video tactical analysis of your team

Study and statistical data collection

Collecting and evaluating your own stats and your opponent.

Exercise exercise analysis

Analysis of situations created in training

Individual Analysis

Analysis of a single player opponent or market support

Goalkeeper video analysis

Specific analysis on the goalkeeper

Example of some related topics

  • Game system analysis
  • Phase possession Ball
  • Phase of non possession Ball
  • Placed Kicks
  • penalty takers
  • Psychological condition of the team
  • Physical condition
  • Tactical technical level

Weekly work

The work to be presented is always agreed with the coach or the staff, the basic formula is to work on their team and the opponent in turn:

1. The Video Analysis of the last match played by its team (Match Studio) will be presented on the first training day to allow the trainer or the staff to make the necessary evaluations and show the players the mistakes and / or the positive things done .

2. Video Analysis of the next team (Team Studio) will allow a trainer and technical staff to plan tactical work during the week and prepare the race best. Generally, the analysis is presented within the second day of training.

3. Delivery of the Match Studio and the Team Studio generally kick off the tactical video analyst to start working from the third day of the week to the next opponent (analysis referred to in point 2) considering the fact that in general It will analyze at least 3 games.

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