Tactical heating for 4-3-1-2 ball at the tip end and change play

Stages of exercise

  1. A player on the outside starts with a ball
  2. The tip closest to the ball goes to receive the ball the other ready to cut in the space left empty
  3. The tip takes the shore on the central player who changes the game on the opposite side of the player
  4. The opposite-handed player receives the ball for a few yards and flies to him
  5. The exercise starts automatically with 3 + 2 others
  6. Exercise done at 3 obligatory touches, 2 and then 1 to start slowly and gradually increase the speed

Ideas on Exercise

During the exercise I ask who starts the action to stand next to the ball on the ball that will be directed outside if in the game I ask to accompany at only one center of the midfield, it is crucial the choice of time in the steps for the movement of the Couples Couple Meeting One Another Ready to Attach Empty Space;

By the choice of external players every now and again invite to the game directly on the center that performs a ball round and starts from the opposite side of the exercise to vary the movement of all the players with the ball coming from the 2 different bands of play

After the heating phase especially if I use this exercise as heating in the last training I insert 2 doors and add the conclusion on the cross of the outside

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