Stages of exercise

  1. 3 players are placed on the 12m square corners for 12m
  2. 1 player stays inside the square
  3. Without letting the ball out, the 3 must keep possession of the ball
  4. Goal to provide solutions for passing to the right and left of who has the ball
  5. Whoever misses the pass or is intercepted by the ball from the change to the player in the middle

Ideas on Exercise

I use this exercise as a preparatory session to hold ball in double numerical superiority, often in mid-week sessions as it requires continual change of direction.

One of the main goals is the cleavage on the vacuum left by the pass, which forces players even if only 2 solutions to reason based on the changing situation.

One of the aspects I often miss is the speed with which the ball is passed, which in most cases determines the player’s intervention time to recover the ball.

This exercise often forces the player to a game of the first, working a lot by advising the fake pass to make it not trivial and thus easily intercepting the choice.

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