What does a football coach do for a new call?

I often spent my time updating, going to see workouts, matches, reading specific magazines, following courses and comparing me with other coaches. I have also sought to expand my network of technical contacts, with me in the field of industry (prosecutors, sports directors, coaches and presidents). All this has given me the opportunity to enrich myself even in the absence of the field and to prepare for the better for the future call. Then I did physical activity, which helped me to stay active and balanced at a particularly delicate moment, which is the expectation (almost frustrating): because, as they said in ancient Rome, “Healthy Mens in Healthy Body”. But before you get to the contract, how do you get to a company call? Often people who contact you are the sports director of the company because they know you or have seen some of your team games in previous years, or have received a report from some of their friend in the industry.

Sometimes a lawyer who calls you and tells you to the manager. Sometimes the president himself has had references and contacts you. When do they contact you? Often before the exoneration, pre-announcing that the next game will be decisive for the fate of your coach who, in all likelihood, in the event of a defeat, will be replaced: it is an invitation to go to see the game in order to better know the coach. Honestly, I try to avoid seeing these races, because I consider him to be of little taste, but above all, so as not to touch the susceptibility of anyone at the very moment when I was called.

Today, with the technology and the available media, there are many ways to know, without creating equivocal situations at particular moments. Sometimes they contact you after the exoneration. After the contact, is the meeting with the management coming? How many times have they called me saying that they were thinking about me for replacing that trainer. Then time goes by, calls you a friend and tells you: you know, they took it there … Sometimes they call you and give you an appointment. However, we must know that we are not the only ones – even if they do not tell us – but they will surely also evaluate other candidates. In these meetings, where societies seek certainty and security, I have always learned to be consistent and do not promise anything: I believe that professionalism and seriousness sometimes make you lose some of your responsibilities. But in the long run, they project you into the best projects.

Source Paolo Favaretto thesis technical sector figc

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