The football instructor as an example ‘Positive’

Among the many responsibilities of the football school instructors, perhaps above all, is to always and in any case adopt a just, peaceful, polite and exemplary attitude. The instructor is always under careful scrutiny, and therefore the judgment of his pupils, but also of the parents “attached to the network” who follow the trainings, the company’s managers, the audience following the matches. The role that he plays is very important: he must be an instructor, educator and confidant at the same time (especially during the adolescence). He should first be an expert in problems with children and teenagers and then a good technician. Each instructor should pass on moral values such as friendship, co-operation, solidarity, respect and loyalty to their students. The first goal, therefore, is to look for a “little man” before joining the group’s life, educating him in civil coexistence with his comrades, to make him understand the concept of “team” that is won and Everyone loses, runs and splits together. At the level of football school, I think there are no strong and weak: they have to play all, they are all equal and they all come to the field to learn, because they never end up learning and every training session is a new experience for me as well. The instructor must always be able to find the right solution for each episode, both for and against football. Among the first rules I give to my students is that of respect: you have to be able to respect your comrades, your opponents and, in particular, your referee in particular. Respecting your companions means encouraging them, helping them and not resuming them or insulting them for their mistake. Respecting opponents means not to commit gross misunderstanding, not insulting, and not deriding them in the event of a win. Respecting the referee means calmly accepting his decisions as we can all go wrong. I believe that the protests are of little use, since once a decision has been made, an arbitrator will never come back. Personally, I accept every decision of the race directors and avoid the plausible protests, I wonder very softly at the end of the race, explanations about particular episodes, even though I explain to my students that every game ends at 90 °, that is useless to recriminate the episodes.

Lorenzo Geluardi

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