The disadvantaged group in football: “weak” and “strong”

By training a homogeneous group, as it often happens to all of us instructors who work in football schools where no selection is made, it has to do with children of different levels of football. What I want to submit to your judgment is the always discussed topic: playing “weak” and “strong” together, who benefits and disadvantages? Or better: are the benefits for the less advanced footballer better or the stronger grass player regressing its qualities? In my humble opinion by playing with the best kids you learn, you try to “steal” with your eyes, starting from the beginning of emulation.

The less gifted child is actually pushed to improve because he sees in his companion the real example to imitate and reach. In the history of football, even at the level of first-team and elite football, it has always been this way.

We can mention in the past the example of Fernando De Napoli who arrived in Naples with a technical luggage not really excited that training and playing with a certain Diego Armando Maradona has been enriched by improving even in the strictly technical terms. Still, in our day, we all love players like Rino Gattuso, a field gladiator unjustly considered a “poor foot”.

Perhaps it was at the beginning of his Rossoneri adventure, but today, after years spent by people like Seedorf or Kaka, even his feet seem to be heavily domesticated technically. It is clear that the better footballer, or football student, will have to be smart, humble and eager to make it available to his comrades by not closing in himself the secret of a fake or a shot made in a way. Probably these only playing with the weak will not improve, but fortunately he will find on his football course someone else stronger than he and equally with time will increase his creativity and fantasy by aiming to always try new numbers, always looking for new challenges With others, but above all with himself.

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