The coach in the balloon: “when the student becomes the object”

Often, by comparing myself with my “colleagues” and discussing the methods, loads and working times of the training session, I recall in my mind a phrase contained in the Technical Guide for Football Schools: “The student is the subject And not the object of the trainer’s work. ” Sometimes I can not fully agree with the other instructors who, in my opinion, do not realize that they have children in their hands, as the FIGC guidelines also point out. It is true that the Beginner category is the pinnacle of the Pyramid of the Calcium School’s basic activity and that we are dealing with eleven or twelve years, closer to the next-highest category (Giovanissimi) than to the Pulcini but We must never forget to propose the various exercises in the form of a game. The latter, along with fun, enthusiasm, programming, passion and sports culture, must be the main ingredients of the recipe for each puzzle in all categories of the Football School. For beginner fun is the key component (81.8% of respondents), most importantly “winning many matches” (66.9%) as evidenced by a survey conducted by the Federation. Technical exercises, borrowed from elite football, are extremely damaging and not tailored to the child. So, for example, taking hours and hours to try to hit the cross is not at all fun or stimulating, although it definitely improves the kick mode and accuracy of the shot itself. What I want to say is that the same result can also be achieved through “ad hoc” exercises in a varied form that solicit the same kind of fundamentals and pursue the same goal. The same Official Release No. 1 reads: “Every child has the right to attend workouts appropriate to his rhythms.” In my way of seeing, and allowing me to play words, “the workout must be trained and non-alienating” . In addition, these operational proposals, which are inadequate to the real needs of the child, certainly create performance expectations, when at this age, however, one should only think of playing for fun, free from all the external constraints that can be constituted by winning, winning by Parents, from getting the result at all costs and with all the means. Only through this forced step can you then project into the football reality of the Youngest, where the goals are the competitive result and the good performance.

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