Stages of exercise

  1. The side shades independently of the color play with who is in possession of the ball;
  2. During the possession of his own team the goalkeeper takes part in possession of the ball as a low point
  3. Players within the rectangle can not go out to catch the ball on the side or goalkeeper
  4. The goal is to touch the ball at both sides of the opponent’s side without intercepting and verting in the space beyond the rectangle to the door to attack where the opposing defenders can not enter and go to the finalization, to the cross with a touch;

Ideas on Exercise

In this exercise we organize the occupation of the spaces as a game, in this exercise we notice a 2 + 3 simulation of 4-2-3-1 with side shades acting as thirds.

Often depending on the load that depends on the number of players within the possession ball required the sideways to play at 1 touch and the players to 2;

Depending on the targets, sometimes the space attack is required, with one-two or with a verticalization of the first.

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