Stages of exercise

  1. Number 4 performs a ball driving while awaiting movement
  2. The 11 is encountered focusing on the field
  3. 11 takes ball and shoots on 10 that closes the triangle with the 3 overlapped
  4. The 3 gets the ball back and runs in the opposite row
  5. Stalled exercise except the 3 changing row turns all anticlockwise, 4-10, 10-11, 11-3 and resumes

Ideas on Exercise

I use this exercise as heating alternating for 15/20 minutes 3 touch 2 touches and 1 progressive touch with time to increase the intensity;

I use this exercise because it is the solution we adopt in the maneuver setting from below when we face an opponent playing with the trequartista and high press.

I always try to create recursive exercises (i call them) so that the team manages the restart time of the exercise automatically and there is a movement of all acceptable players considering that this type of exercise is used in heating even if done in low Intensity I prefer not to leave the players at this stage too firm.

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