32/5000 Education with football, nice words

Today, the classroom discussion has become hot, lit, more than usual: taking advantage of the lack of Alexei, the head of the inder at Havana, so taking advantage of the absence of the federation’s “controllers” on the fields of capital after Have seen videos about the past days together in the field where it was clearly the different involvement, the different fun of our kids trained by us , rather than from them (and we did not do it to give us some Aries: We thought it useful to show them what they normally do not understand, focusing on training, maintaining order, discipline, and the success of the exercise), they are unleashed.

All in agreement, all aware that the method imposed now needs to be changed, replaced, because it is unsuitable and above all unsuitable, given the “bass” level of football in Cuba, but also aware that change will not be possible Never from the bottom, then from them. “You have to invite our bosses to the courses,” they say, rubbing their shoulders with two fingers, an unmistakable gesture that tells the leaders, the generals, “just so we can get something.” “Yes, but at the same time we have to win some championships in the municipalities that we are part of Inter Campus.

Since they only look at the result, only so can we attract their interest in your method. ” Results … they only look at the results. This sentence in the last period is persecuting me and I’m fighting it fiercely more than before but, alas, I’m also realizing I do not think I’ll ever get rid of it. Even in Italy it works like that. Even at low, low levels, even when children go to the field, the only thing that matters is the result. And everyone thinks so, no one is excluded: someone pretends to think differently for short periods, but when he does not get a bit of a win to show the bar under what he can talk to his totally ignorant footballers, but since Italians in possession do not know what boundless knowing about football and training, that is, the solfa changes.

Everyone, but just about all, even in the society where we intercampers work, things are taking this stupid, ignorant and damned bend and I can not fight this trend. In fact, I’m suffocating. We, the coaches, all see it all in the same way, but from the top we get precise messages “we have to win”. Who cares about how. Who cares that if I won a league championship this year, if I did not work to try to accompany all of my players in their development path, giving them rules, respect, giving them confidence, helping them To be together, to know others outside of oneself and maybe helping them to accept them, I will not have done anything for my boys. Why these, how many will continue to play? How many will come to the first team? How many will make this sport their business? But to them who care: they will have put the picture of the “champion” team on the board. Thinking to ignite the hearts of these guys the passion for sport, which will accompany them all their lives for them is far away; Thinking of bringing these guys closer to the study of sport (sports high school, sports sciences) just by training them daily, helping them find their talent, their passion, is something they do not know about them; Think of … already, think. No, it only matters to win. In Cuba, as in Italy. On all fields of the world.

by blog Alberto Giacomini

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