Stages of exercise

  1. The goal is to score first on the team’s passing
  2. The outsiders only play in their midfield
  3. Exteriors when playing the team near the door act as exterior highs otherwise low exterior
  4. High exterior can cut inside the field to make a touch of touch or in two touches to make an assistant
  5. Outdoors who attack the action or lose the ball must quickly get back into position to participate with the team atra as low exterior.
  6. When outside are outside the field, they can not be countered

Ideas on Exercise

I use this exercise as an integration into the core training of the high-intensity week.

The teams that are in possession find the 4 + 4 situation that train the 4-4-2 game system, I am very focused on the various training sessions on

  1. Move the ball quickly into the midfield
  2. Motion match of the ball point ball
  3. Time of insertion of the high exterior
  4. The high passage transition balloon that lost the ball must return in position to make the outside low with the other team;
  5. Pressing the team losing the ball high enough to try the immediate rebuilder if the opponent succeeds in the wide drain you reappear in your half field considered numerical inferiority

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