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The evolution of the youth sector in football, differences and considerations

Premise Today, societies are facing the evolution / involvment of football in the youth sector (and I speak about the provincial and district camps) which, over a few years, require a change in the technical approach and not;   Differences The life of today’s kids is very sedentary; the activities that in the past helped […]

What does a football coach do for a new call?

I often spent my time updating, going to see workouts, matches, reading specific magazines, following courses and comparing me with other coaches. I have also sought to expand my network of technical contacts, with me in the field of industry (prosecutors, sports directors, coaches and presidents). All this has given me the opportunity to enrich […]

Defense training at 4 Sarri

In this video, Sarri’s Napoli is trained with 8 defenders, 4 exercising in the defensive phase, the other 4 initially rolling ball afterwards jumping the man creating a covered ball situation and verting toward the door. In the exercise the defenders Slip through the ball while remaining compact Recovering feet forward by following the movement […]