The importance of … to participate

Starting with the Pulcini category, the eight-year-old child from the Small Friends category, where comparisons take place only in the form of events that include confrontational games, looks for a “real” match for the first time. At this time so delicate and particularly conducive to learning (the so-called “golden age”), we will never tire of […]

The coach in the balloon: “when the student becomes the object”

Often, by comparing myself with my “colleagues” and discussing the methods, loads and working times of the training session, I recall in my mind a phrase contained in the Technical Guide for Football Schools: “The student is the subject And not the object of the trainer’s work. ” Sometimes I can not fully agree with […]

What kind of communication between instructor and student?

How can I communicate effectively? How can I verify that my students have transposed them? These are the questions that every instructor should ask during training sessions. When dealing with children of this age range (8-10 years) we must try to be as clear as possible by sending a non-ambiguous or contradictory message. In fact, […]

The football instructor as an example ‘Positive’

Among the many responsibilities of the football school instructors, perhaps above all, is to always and in any case adopt a just, peaceful, polite and exemplary attitude. The instructor is always under careful scrutiny, and therefore the judgment of his pupils, but also of the parents “attached to the network” who follow the trainings, the […]

Parents, they should be killed by children …

  Often on the forums, souls warm up and sometimes they fly swearing, insulting, and offensive especially aimed at the referees and, worse, the small players in the field. Absolute protagonist of this bad habit, the public attending the youth football matches, which is, alas, made up by parents who are the first “fans” of […]

Exercise of heating by overlap of the third in the 4-2-3-1

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